5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy Royal Enfield’s iconic Bullet. It is over-hyped

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From road trips to cross-state trips to riding on hair-pin turns, most of the bikers swear by Royal Enfield ’s iconic Bullet to ride on tough terrains. But, this may surprise you that the Bullet, which is considered as the most trending bike in India, is over-hyped.

No doubt, the Bullet has been setting trends with its hand-made classy make, tough looks, heavy sound, etc, but it is not necessary it will always make its way through that tough terrain of Leh -Laddakh.
“Royal Enfield’s Bullet is the most over-rated bike you might see in the market. Yes, they have style and all that handmade class but there are so many problems with the bike that no matter how hard you try, it won’t love you back,” said an expert, who wished not to be named, and has rode on tough terrains in India and abroad and claims the Bullet is risky.

One of the reasons is the Bullet has poor mileage . Here are 4 other reasons why you should re-consider your decision of buying a Bullet
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