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Marshawn Lynch Made Himself $1.5 Million By Refusing To Show Up To Seahawks Training Camp

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Marshawn Lynch's holdout from Seattle Seahawks training camp was a success.

Lynch's goal was to get paid more money this year in case the team released him before the 2015-16 season, according to the Seattle Times.

While he didn't get a giant new contract, he ended up getting a $1.5 million bump in 2014-15 salary, Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk reports.

Smith reports that two $500,000 bonuses (one was a simple roster bonus and the other was a bonus for gaining 1,500 yards) were added to his base salary. An additional $500,000 from his 2015-16 salary was transferred to this year.

His base salary is now $6.5 million, instead of the $5 million it was before the holdout.

The $500,000 worth of fines that Lynch racked up by refusing to show up to the first week of training camp has also been waived, according to the PFT report.

When Lynch's holdout began it looked like the Seahawks would take a hard line.

"It's a contract for a reason. We expect them to honor their contract just as we will. We're going to honor it and we expect them to do the same," said head coach Pete Carroll.

The irony in that statement is that the team is under no obligation to honor the contract.

NFL contracts are unguaranteed and career lengths are short relative to other sports. Whenever a player has even a little bit leverage to get himself more guaranteed money, he'd be smart to use it. That's what Lynch did, and it was certainly worth it.

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