Microsoft has a full lineup of computers that all rival Apple's Macs - here's how to choose between them

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microsoft surface studio

Darren Weaver/Business Insider

Microsoft Surface Studio is a really cool, gigantic touchscreen Windows 10 PC.

When Microsoft released the first Surface tablet, it was mainly trying to show computer makers what a touchscreen PC might look like and what it could do .

Now, though, the company has turned the Surface into a full business, offering a lineup of four different devices. And the computers are so good even Apple is following Microsoft's lead .

There are cheaper computers out there. But if you want one that combines the premium quality of an Apple device with the flexibility (and touchscreen) of a Windows 10 laptop, you should check out the Surface line first.

Here's how to choose among the different Surface computers, going from the least expensive model to the priciest.

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