Move over H1B! These 5 visa options will help Indians take up work, get green card in US

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The tough stand on H1-B visa programme by Donald Trump administration has affected Indian IT firms and many of them such as TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, etc, are looking to scale up businesses in the US and hire local talent.

The temporary ban on H1-B visas have affected Indian companies who are now looking are other way to source talent. The H1-B visa row has also affected dreams of many Indian professionals who wanted to work in the US and ultimately settle in the country.

"I have noticed a lot of attorneys face problems with entry level H1B petitions. The H1B visa approval has become harder for applicants in general regardless of their nationality. It is impacting Indians more because India is the largest filer of H1B visas," said Abhinav Lohia, Practice Chair India and South Asia, Davies & Associates, LLC.
However, you don't have to kill your Great American Dream as there are other visa options available through which you can go to the US to work and reside.

"The lottery system and the political climate has led people to inquire about alternatives to H1B Visa. There is an increase in interest in EB5. EB5 visa is an investor visa which is one of the fastest ways of getting a green card. The applicant invests $500,000 and creates 10 jobs in the U.S. economy," said Mark Davies, Global Chairman, Davies &Associates, LLC.

"Others are looking at L1A visa (Intra Company Transfer of Managers or Executives). Applicant are willing to work outside the United States for one year for a related entity in order to qualify for an L1 visa and move back to the United States," said Lohia.
If you still want to go to the US and make your dreams come true, here are 5 visa programme for you.
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