Six Flags Just Completed The World's Tallest Drop Ride - And It Looks Absolutely Terrifying

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If you're afraid of heights, stay off 41-story Zumanjaro; Six Flags' newest - and the world's tallest - drop ride.

The crew just put the final touches on the ride this past week. It will be ride-ready in New Jersey's Great Adventure Park this summer.



The Six Flags website says the safari themed attraction will catapult riders 415 feet into the air in approximately 30 seconds and will pause to show an aerial view of the park before dropping down at 90 miles per hour.

Your hands will sweat just watching the simulated footage:

Rollercoaster 3


In order to make room for the Zumanjaro, Six Flags removed Rolling Thunder, a wooden rollercoaster.

You can watch the entire promo video here:

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