The 5 strangest things we've seen related to self-driving cars

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Ford Seat Suit Van


There's a guy dressed as a car seat behind the wheel.

The self-driving cars are coming. Probably.

At the moment, no auto manufacturer has managed to produce anything that goes beyond what's called "Level 2" autonomy - effectively just very advanced cruise control. Think Tesla's Autopilot, which enables the car to handle mostly freeway driving.

Cadillac will soon debut SuperCruise , promising similar capabilities.

The path to marketable Level 4 or 5 autonomy still looks quite long; humans will be hands-on-the-wheel and eyes-on-the-road for at least a few more years. But that doesn't mean that a lot of experimentation isn't underway. Some of it is futuristic, but some of its has been, well ... sort of odd.

Here's a rundown of the long, strange trip, thus far:

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