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Some Americans may need a passport to fly domestically in 2018

Uber built a fake city in Pittsburgh with roaming mannequins to test its self-driving cars

The city of Chicago has fired 2 security officers involved in dragging a man off a United flight

Former Tesla factory workers are suing the company over claims of 'racially motivated abuse'

Tesla's massive batteries have reportedly started to arrive in Puerto Rico

Americans are obsessed with $80,000 pickup trucks - here are the most luxurious ones on the market

Turo, the Airbnb for cars, offered a couple $500 to list their Tesla Model 3 on the app

A couple paid for two Teslas by sharing them on the Airbnb for cars - here's how they did it

New Yorkers now use Uber more often than taxis

Tesla is recalling 11,000 SUVs because its seats could fail in a crash

A former energy official for Obama explains why Tesla has the best plan for helping Puerto Rico

Southwest Airlines will start flying to Hawaii

Virgin Group just invested in Hyperloop One - and Richard Branson now sits on the board

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