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A company that wants to use ultrasounds to deliver drugs just raised money from MIT's new $170 million venture fund

A biotech stock doubled after it got positive results on a drug to tackle the leading cause of infectious death in the US

23andMe is getting serious about drug development - and it could signal a fresh approach to finding new medicines

The FDA just approved the first direct competitor to a billion-dollar cancer drug

California is close to passing legislation to tackle the rising cost of prescription drugs

A biotech company focused on inherited diseases just raised $135 million from a bunch of Wall Street firms

A new study undermines Big Pharma's justification for charging high drug prices

A biotech CEO who sold his last company for $14 billion explains why he wants to do things differently this time

2 scientists are locked in a race to develop a groundbreaking vaccine for heroin, but it might not be a 'magic bullet'

New York's AG is investigating Equifax after 143 million Social Security numbers were exposed in a hack

People are furious about the site that Equifax set up to let you know if you're impacted by its massive data breach

Here's how to check if your social security number was compromised in the Equifax hack

A company that wants to be the 'global standard network of genomic data' raised $240 million

Investors including Google Ventures poured $93 million into a company that's building personalized cancer vaccines

The inside story of how a $12 billion deal for a revolutionary cancer treatment came together

There are now 3 hurricanes swirling around in the Atlantic Ocean

The 10 strongest hurricanes ever to hit the Atlantic Ocean

A biotech CEO who sold his last company for $14 billion shares his best career advice

A biotech CEO who sold his last company for $14 billion explains what it takes to build a company

Texans in Harvey's path will face health risks from mold, insects, and bacteria for months to come

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