Here’s how the work environment at Reliance, Tata and other big companies. These are the perks employees enjoy

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The work culture across big organisations is changing rapidly. Corporates, nowadays, are striving to give employees work comfort in a bid to retain talent and increase productivity.

Decades old organisations such as Reliance, Aditya Birla Group, Tatas, HDFC, etc are also changing their work dynamics with the time and giving employees huge growth opportunities with relaxed working environment and great perks.

“The traditional Indian corporate is finding ways to aligning to the global standards of work environments, and the MNCs are busy realigning their culture to the Indian environment,” said Pramod Parkar, Director, Edify Consultants.

Organisations are also grappling with employee retention as millennials tend to move towards places where the work culture is relaxed, youth oriented and growth oriented.

In a bid to bring in work satisfaction in employees, big corporate have the following work culture and they are even offering great perks to employees. Here’s the list:
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