This device will dramatically improve your WiFi signal and speeds throughout your home

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amplifi hd mehpoint

There's a new style of WiFi router called a "mesh system," which covers your entire home in strong, fast WiFi. They work much better than traditional WiFi range extenders, which is great for larger homes.

The problem with mesh systems is that you have to ditch your normal router to buy a whole new system, like Eero , Google WiFi , or Netgear's Orbi , which include a mesh router and the mesh extenders that usually accompany it. Starting at around $350, these new mesh systems aren't cheap, especially when your normal router works fine when you're within its range.

That's where this $130 device really shines: The AmpliFi HD Meshpoint, from networking company Ubiquiti, can turn your normal WiFi network into a modern mesh network at a fraction of the price of a full mesh system. It works with any WiFi router, including those that aren't made by Ubiquiti. It'll even work with routers given to you by your internet service provider.

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