10 Futuristic Gadgets That You Can Buy Right Now (All Available in India)

Many of us think that technology has been developing at a very slow pace, can it be the awareness factor? Despite of what might be expected, for the most recent tech to leave labs around the world is entirely bewildering. Here are a few cases of technology gadgets that appear as though they are far from reality however are pretty much as genuine as the screen you are reading this on.

Thync- Energy & Calm

This is a mood altering device with a very simple user interface. When you’re too tired, it energises you up for work and when you’re unable to sleep it relaxes your mind, so that you can sleep like a baby.

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Microsoft Holo Lens

Many have been talking about this gadget, how many of you know that it’s available now? Well, this device combines the virtual world with reality, changing the way we see and discover things. If Pokemon Go can create such a buzz this will sure make you spend all your money on it.

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ZCan Wireless

Most of us read on a daily basis, our work depends on books and the physical worlds. What if there was a way to bring the physical text on your word pad, without even typing? Not just text but one can edit paper drawn graphs in real-time just by running this mouse, like a scanner, on paper.

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Recon Jet

Fitness and technology go hand-in-hand, what if we told you that these goggles could actually project the way, your speed, heartbeat etc. This projection is real time and its UX just beats any other in the segment.

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Aerofex Vehicle

People have seen it in movies but this vehicle is now a reality. Imagine riding a bike 12 feet above from the ground (Works on water too). Yes, Jetsons era is right here!

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The name is enough to understand what are we talking about. Not exactly the same as the Jetpack as in Subway Surfer, but we’re getting close to it.

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Control sound waves? With this gadget you could actually play songs in a cubicle with volume at its peak and no one would even hear it outside your cubicle.

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Sphero BB8 Droid

Most people envision a droid that they could bring up like a child. Well, this droid behaves in the way 'you interact with it', it learns from its mistakes.

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Eco Capsule

It’s aptly quoted “We were born as explorers, not caretakers.” Well, this a mini capsule in form of a house which you could travel in or live. Electricity? The capsule has a mini windmill which converts wind energy into electricity.

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Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Drone is not just a drone these days. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is just another level.

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