10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today

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Good morning! We're looking at a fairly warm, perhaps humid day here in New York - 75 for the high, with sun. Let's get into the tech news.

  1. Ron Johnson, the former head of Apple retail, and failed JC Penney CEO, is launching his own delivery startup. It will be an on-demand delivery service for gadgets, but with a Genius Bar-like component.
  2. The iPhone 6 Plus may be easily bended, so be careful with how you keep it in your pockets!
  3. Clinkle, a payments startup that raised $30 million before launching, has finally launched after three years of development. It's a debacle. It's just a prepaid debit card for college kids.
  4. Blackberry has launched a new, ugly phone called the Passport. It's square.
  5. Google X founder Sebastian Thrun has completely left Google to focus on his education startup Udacity. He had been working there part time, but is now out completely.
  6. Samsung, feeling the pressure of record sales of the larger iPhone 6, decided to release its new phablet the Note 4, early.
  7. Speaking of Samsung, it's pulling software engineers out of its mobile group to focus on TVs, network, printers, and corporate software. It sounds like it's abandoning development of its own mobile operating system.
  8. Dollar Shave Club raises $50 million to compete with a pack of startups that are going to after the shaving market.
  9. Facebook is planning a fleet of solar powered drones to connect people to the internet.
  10. Here's the first lecture by Sam Altman on how to start a startup from a class he's teaching at Stanford.
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