10 best countries to live in the world

10 best countries to live in the world

If you contemplate on moving abroad, you must first reflect on how the transfer will impact your life. Some important aspects to consider when it comes to choosing the country to relocate include the needs of your family members, the healthcare facilities, kind of financial institutions like banks, educational and recreational opportunities, safety and security, healthy and hygiene, government policies, nature of people, policy towards outsiders, extent of freedom and the possibilities to achieve the objectives of your life. Based on many of these criteria, here are the 10 best countries to live in the world.


Deemed as the best country on the earth to live in terms of its elegant and clean setting, Singapore is rated the best in terms of educational opportunities for kids and the lucrative earning opportunity. This is also the culinary paradise of the world assuring a treat to the taste buds almost on a daily basis with its large variety of foods.

New Zealand

New Zealand presents a friendly environment combined with enough opportunities for adventure sports, fine quality of life and a lot of sightseeing opportunities.


Germany presents great prospects for career advancement. This is considered one of the best places for people to further their career. Once rated the best country in the world, Germany has everything to assure work-life balance.


The open-arms policy of Canada is the major attraction for people to migrate to this country. This is the most tolerant country on the earth welcoming the global population to its portals. A lot of people moving there could find their life partners here to accompany them for a very long time. the natural beauty of this land is unparalleled.


This is a tiny island in the Arabian Gulf that presents so much of employment opportunities to expats. People say they earn a lot here and are able to save more. Bahrain occupies the top slot in terms of assuring wage growth.


Majority of people choosing Australia for their life and career say they feel healthier in this country. The access to natural environment and the possibility to spend more time outdoors enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature are just incredible here.


Most people find it difficult to meet the emotional and cultural needs of their kids growing up in a foreign country. Studies show Sweden makes it highly economical to raise kids. The employers give the greatest number of days off for their employees to take care of their kids.


Switzerland is perfection personified just getting reflected on its clean streets, the best ever ski slopes of the world, and the luxury life the country assures the residents. This country is the home to two most expensive cities on the globe. However, the wonderful educational opportunity available to kids and the immense earning potential are two major attractions for people to choose this country over the others.


Taiwan is known for its mouthwatering street foods. Majority of people moving in to this country have made it their home and have stayed for more than five years as they said they felt homely here. Over 62 percent of the expats living here say they could earn much higher incomes here than at their home country and use the extra money to take vacations.

United Arab Emirates

This is a place with zero income tax. Vast majority of people who live there are not Emirati nationals. Majority of them are immigrants from South and Southeast Asia moved to the Gulf country to take advantage of the huge earning potential through the myriad kinds of employments available here.