10 bizarre Pepsi sodas you can only buy in Japan


Pepsi Japan flavors


This winter, Pepsi is adding a confusingly colored beverage to the menu in Japan: Pepsi White Cola.


Of course, any Japanese Pepsi aficionado knows that Pepsi White Cola is far from the first time the beverage company has ventured into the world of bizarre flavors. From salted watermelon to baobab trees, inspiration for Pepsi's offerings in Japan are vast and unpredictable.

Here are 10 types of Pepsi sold in Japan that you won't see on the shelf at the average American grocery store.

1. White Cola

While the new citrusy white cola won't be released until December 8, variations on Pepsi White have been intermittently available since 2008, when the company released a yogurt-flavored cola, also called Pepsi White.

2. Pink Cola

Pink Cola debuted as a limited time offering last year, but has stuck around as a Pepsi Japan offering for longer than most seasonal flavors. The light pink beverage is not simply strawberry flavored, but instead strawberry milk flavored, reports the Wall Street Journal.


 3. Ice Cucumber

The bright green beverage debuted as a summer limited time offering in June 2007.

4. Ghost

To celebrate Halloween this year, Pepsi Japan launched a "mystery flavor." There were actually 14 types of Pepsi Ghost available for a limited time, forcing customers to guess which flavor they were sipping.

Pepsi Ghost


5. Red-bean flavored Azuki

This seasonal reddish cola, released in fall 2009, was intended to taste like adzuki beans, commonly used in sweets in Japanese cuisine. A blog called Japanese Snack Reviews wrote that this limited time only beverage "smells like someone threw up their bean cake," but tastes significantly better than its odor would indicate.  


 6. Pepsi Salty Watermelon

In Japan, it's normal to sprinkle some salt on a watermelon as a summer treat. Pepsi Salty Watermelon hit shelves the summer of 2012.

7. Baobab

In 2010, Pepsi released the yellow seasonal Pepsi Baobab in Japan, which utilized the flavors of a tree native to Madagascar, Africa and Australia. The company marketed the beverage as a "cola with a liberating and refreshing flavor," according to Food & Beverage Reporter.

 8. Blue Hawaii

The shockingly blue variety from summer 2008 reportedly contained hints of pineapple and lemon. Today, bottles are being sold for $75 on eBay.


9. Hyper-Caffeinated Pepsi Strong

While Pepsi Strong looks like an normal cup of cola, the cola has almost twice as much caffeine in every cup. Similarly caffeinated is Pepsi Strong Zero, the no calorie option.

10. Caribbean Gold

This golden beverage yet again draws from an unlikely fruit, this time white sapote, a sweet apple-sized fruit native to central Mexico. Pepsi Caribbean Gold was released in July 2011.

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