10 Examples Of Obama's New SEC Nominee Being A Badass


Blind Sheikh Omar Rahman

YouTube via MercuryOneMemphis

Mary Jo White, President Obama's nominee to lead the SEC, has a been involved with a plethora of high-profile legal cases.


She's locked up infamous terrorists, prosecuted and defended white-collar criminals, and run politically-sensitive investigations.

We've delved into her legal history to present the ten highest-profile cases that Mary Jo White has ever been involved with, both as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney.

A caveat: White didn't actually 'litigate' many of these cases. As her former colleague Patrick Cotter notes, "U.S. Attorneys are the Generals of the army; they’re not the combat soldiers."

But by all accounts, White has an incredibly keen and strategic legal mind, and was quite hands-on in cases that she oversaw – one of the reasons she was the President's top choice to run the SEC.