10 incredible secret dining experiences you can have in New York City


I Forgot It's Wednesday

Facebook/I Forgot It's Wednesday

I Forgot It's Wednesday is a supper club that serves dinner in a secret location.

New York City is already a mecca for foodies, but there are still many incredible spots that have yet to be discovered. Whether you're in search of pop-up dinners, hidden bars, or meals held in secret locations, you can easily find interesting experiences if you know where to look.


We recently spoke to food documentarian Liza De Guia and chef Russell Jackson, who's noted for his work in the underground dining world. The pair are currently hosting a Bravo original digital series called "Going Off the Menu", which explores the best of Los Angeles' exclusive and underground culinary scene.

We asked De Guia and Jackson about their favorite underground dining spots in New York, from the swankiest supper clubs to the best invite-only dinner events. Whether you're a fan of flaky Danish sweets or incredibly fresh ceviche, these hidden gems have got your cravings covered.