11 real pictures of the Queen that inspired shots in Netflix drama 'The Crown'


The Queen

PA/Netflix/Left Bank Pictures

The Queen's real wedding left, and right Netflix drama 'The Crown.'

Netflix drama "The Crown" is winning critical aclaim both in Britain and the US.

The Guardian said Netflix's £100 million ($124 million) gamble on the show "pays off royally," while The Hollywood Reporter predicted that it will be in contention for a hatful of awards.

It might pack a punch in the drama stakes, but how faithful is it to reality?

Creator Peter Morgan turned down an audience with the Queen because he wanted the show to have "complete independence."

"The Crown" applies plenty of artistic lisence. But it is also clear that key moments in the Queen's ascent to the throne are carefully recreated in the show's opening episodes. Find out how faithful the Netflix drama is to history by looking through these real images of the Queen juxtaposed with shots from 'The Crown.'