12 conversations about money to have with kids of all ages


dad and son

Philipp Guelland / Stringer / Getty Images


It's important that children start learning about money earlier than later.

"Our children are watching how we spend, save, invest, and give money," writes Kimberly Palmer in "Smart Mom, Rich Mom."We can seek out opportunities to talk about money with our children, even if it's awkward at times or uncomfortable."

Having these conversations can be easy and natural as long as you look for opportunities to have them, according to Palmer. But one thing parents shouldn't do is be passive about their kids' financial educations.

"Left untended, I could imagine unhealthy, wasteful behaviors taking root, from buying books and toys as soon as they are desired to a sense of entitlement without any generosity or responsibility attached," she writes.


Here are 12 conversations about money you can have with your kid: