12 signs you shouldn't accept that job offer


People naturally get excited when they're offered a job, so it's easy to be seduced into jumping too quickly at any offer.


"It's normal to worry that another opportunity might not come along soon," says Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of "You Can't Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work." "It's also flattering to be offered any opportunity and so the immediate inclination, especially if you've gone through the trouble of submitting an application and the exhausting interview process, is to say 'yes.'"

But it's absolutely critical that you take a step back and look for potential warning signs before accepting any job offer.

"Saying yes too soon might end up closing other, potentially better, doors. It could cause you to suffer from 'hire's remorse' - the horrible feeling that you've stepped into a position that really isn't a fit for you," he says. "Ignoring potential red flags that this new job isn't a fit for you can lead to long term stress, sleepless nights, and deep anxiety. It can result in you feeling trapped in a situation that you feel either obliged to stay in or can't easily back out of."

Kerr shared some of the biggest signs you shouldn't accept the job offer:


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