$15 billion revenues in four years very much possible, says Wipro CEO Abidali Neemuchwala

$15 billion revenues in four years very much possible, says Wipro CEO
Abidali Neemuchwala

It was on his first day as the CEO of Wipro, that Abidali Z. Neemuchwala, earlier associated with TCS, outlined an ambitious target of turning Wipro, which happens to be India's third largest software exporter, into a $15-billion company by 2020. This goal is very much similar to the one that Vishal Sikka had set for arch rival Infosys as the CEO.

Now, Neemuchwala has sent an email to all Wipro employees, announcing his ambition of Wipro doubling its revenues by 2020. A copy of the mail was viewed by ET.


''Last month, I detailed our ambition to double our size and touch revenues of $15 billion with an operating margin of 23% in four years. I have no doubt that this goal is grounded in reality....the key to success will be to not only be ambitious, but also to execute our well detailed plans with discipline," said Neemuchwala.

"Wipro has a legacy of seventy years even as the average age of our employees is only in the twenties," he added.

In the detailed mail, Neemuchwala also laid emphasis on the need to swiftly execute the plans, while talking about the importance that further decentralisation of the organization holds when it comes to faster decision making.

"Over the past several months, we have collapsed and simplified processes to create a more agile organization. Simplification is a journey. We have seen early signs of success -- these measures have helped accelerate our ability to respond to customers, ensured deeper employee engagement and improved our win rates," he said.


"I have little doubt that we must begin to think like a startup -- where there is nothing from the past that is so sacred that it can't be questioned -- and create a workplace that is a melting pot of diverse ideas," he added.

Talking of the $15-billion revenue target, it reminds one of Sikka’s similar target, who envisioned of making Infosys a $20-billion company by 2020.

A stern Neemuchwala also stated that the company might be taking tougher decisions in the near future, showing "zero tolerance towards those among us who violate our values and are not aligned to our strategy."

Image credit: Indiatimes