15 of the hardest interview questions you have to answer to become a flight attendant


Flight attendant job candidates interview China

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Getting past the interview stage for some airlines is said to be harder than getting into Harvard.

It's been said that it's harder to get invited to the Delta flight-attendant training center than to get into Harvard University.


"It's very competitive, and people get passed over all the time," Annette Long, a flight attendant with 14 years of experience, previously told Business Insider about the flight attendant hiring process.

If a candidate has a compelling enough résumé, they may face a variety of interview techniques including video interviews, Q&A sessions, and in-person meetings.

Long says that many flight attendants apply and interview several times before getting the job, having to wait six months to a year between interviews because job openings are so scarce.

"When you make that first impression, you've gotta do it perfectly - you don't get a second chance," she says.


Here are some of the toughest questions flight-attendant candidates have faced along the way, according to anonymous candidates on Glassdoor: