15 of the strangest things people have done in a job interview




Here's a tip: Don't take your phone interview into the bathroom.

Every job seeker wants to stand out from the competition - but some candidates go about it all wrong.


For instance, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder, one interviewee sang her responses to questions, while another did a phone interview in the bathroom - and flushed.

"It's hard to say why a candidate would do some of these things," explains Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer for CareerBuilder. "Maybe he or she is nervous, thinks an employer would find it funny, or perhaps the candidate simply has no boundaries. Regardless, it could cost the candidate the job, so funny or not, it's likely not worth risking it with these actions. Your nerves can make you freeze up under the spotlight, and that's normal. How you handle that is what matters."

In the new survey from CareerBuilder, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder among more than 2,500 hiring and human resource managers, employers shared the most memorable job interview mistakes candidates have made.

Here are 15 of the most unusual things that happened: