2 Charts That Show The Astronomical Success Of 'The LEGO Movie'


the lego movie

Warner Bros.

"The LEGO Movie" had an absolutely amazing second weekend at the box office.


Over the course of three days it brought in $50 million. In four days? $63 million.

That's huge for a movie that brought in $69.1 million in its opening weekend. Why?

I can't remember the last time a movie dropped only about 8% in ticket sales in its second week. And, I'm not just talking about an animated film, I'm talking about any movie in general. "Avatar" came close in 2009. Typically, a movie will drop 20%-30%. If it's a really high-performing film a 15%-20% drop is more likely.

To illustrate the point, here are two charts showing just how big "The LEGO Movie" is at theaters.


The film comes fifth among animated pictures for second-largest weekend, according to BoxOfficeMojo. Accounting for its four-day holiday weekend haul of $63 million puts it ahead of 2010's "Toy Story 3." It's also worth noting that three of those movies are part of well-established animated franchises while "The Incredibles" has the Pixar stamp attached to it.

Here's another look at the five animated movies that have had huge second weekends at the box office. Everything but "The LEGO Movie" has seen far steeper drops in week two.

animated movies with second largest box office weekend

Kirsten Acuna/Business Insider

What does all this mean? "The LEGO Movie" has great staying power at theaters. In two weeks, it has already made $195 million worldwide. That's good news for Warner Bros. since they're already working on a sequel.