20 fun gifts for $20 or less to please almost anyone in your office


office holiday party



Ideally, you'd draw a name for your office White Elephant, Secret Santa, or Secret Snowflake gift exchange, and, after painstaking research, find the perfect purple, ergonomic pen for Cathy from accounting who loves bright colors. It only costs you $6, and everyone is impressed by your thoughtfulness and diligence.

The reality is probably different.

If you draw a recipient, you might not know them well ... or at all. Maybe you can't find anyone to tell you anything about them other than "He leaves at 6:02 to catch his train home." Maybe you're doing a White Elephant exchange, where anyone could end up with your gift in hand.

No matter your situation, we've rounded up 20 fun, festive - or at least useful - presents you can contribute. And they're all $20 or less.