20 objects that are perfectly designed and can't be improved any further



Skye Gould/Tech Insider

Some products are so timeless, recognizable, and intuitive that it doesn't make any sense to try to improve them.

We reached out to designers to get their take on the world's most perfectly crafted products.

We spoke with Aaron Draplin, a logo designer who's known best for his Field Notes memo books and extensive logo work, and asked Bill Cowles, hardware designer at Electric Objects about the products he loves.


We also spoke with Peter Rohles, an industrial designer at the software company solidThinking, to get a sense of which products are beloved by designers and consumers alike.

While Rohles acknowledges the process of design is just that - a process - some everyday objects are so efficient at what they do that it'd be pointless to tinker any further.

Keep scrolling to see which products are probably the best they'll ever be.