23 Craft Distilleries Every Liquor Lover Should Know


hillrock estate distillery

Hillrock Estate Distillery

Hillrock makes the only Solera-aged bourbon whiskey on the market.

American craft distilleries are getting attention both here as well as across the pond.


Back in August, The New York Times published an article about how boutique American spirits - from vodka to whiskey - are spreading around the globe.

Small craft distilleries are producing some of the most complex and well-executed spirits on the market that are all mashed, distilled, and bottled by hand on-site.

We spoke with Pamela Wiznitzer, a bartender and mixologist at New York bar, The Dead Rabbit, about the American craft distilleries that every liquor lover should know and try.

Keep reading to see her picks (listed here in alphabetical order).


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