23andMe is now offering a $99 genetics test again - but it's very different from the original


23andMe kit

Lydia Ramsey/Business Insider

For those who are interested in learning more about where their family came from using a genetics test, but don't want all the other reports 23andMe offers, the company has a test for that.


23andMe, a consumer genetics company, said Wednesday that it would now offer two versions of the test:

  • The $199 version, which comes with both the health and ancestry components.
  • The $99 version, which will just have the ancestry test.

23andMe noted that users could opt into full test if they want to later, but for an additional $125. The ancestry test is essentially what 23andMe offered before it relaunched its health and wellness components last year. The $99 price tag is the same as AncestryDNA's test, which also sequences your genes to help trace your geographic roots.

In it, users will get access to reports that break down the Ancestry Composition (which regions your genes most closely align with), haplogroups (a genetic population that shares a common ancestor), and a person's Neanderthal ancestry. They will also get access to the DNA Relatives tool, something 23andMe users can opt into that connects users with one another and shows if they have close or distant relatives in the system.

Here's an example of an Ancestry Composition report.


Ancestry   Chromosome View


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