24 life skills every functioning adult should master


cooking brussels sprouts

Flickr / Rainer Stropek

Know how to feed yourself and your friends.

Life is funny.


No one gets a handbook upon turning 18, complete with all the rules they'll need to memorize and competencies they'll need to acquire.

Somehow you're just supposed to know that you should have more money coming in than going out and you shouldn't wear a fuzzy orange sweater to a job interview.

Fortunately, we've put together our own handbook of sorts, which lists many of the skills you'll need to survive as an adult in the modern world.

It's based on the Quora thread, "What are some of the most useful skills to know?" as well as scientific research and expert opinion.


We can't promise we've outlined every skill, but if you've mastered these, you're off to a good start.