25 places to party before you die


amnesia club in Ibiza spain

Amnesia Ibiza

The scene at Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza, Spain.

When Matador Network, an online travel magazine, was first approached by publishing house Macmillan to write the new book "101 Places to Get F----- Up Before You Die," they were concerned.

"Our website is not about exploiting destinations," David S. Miller, a senior editor at Matador Network, told Business Insider. "Matador and our brand has always been about traveling in a respectful way and trying to connect with local people."

Which is why when they decided to take on the project, it wasn't just the obvious destinations and festivals - Burning Man, Oktoberfest, and New York nightclubs - that made it into the book (though those are in there, too). It was also about finding places that were off-the-beaten track: Locales that were not only fun to visit culturally, but that also knew how to have a good time.


"In the end, I felt like we were able to tread a really nice line between showing the exuberance and partying, and connecting with people," Miller said. "We also had natural humor with it without being fully salacious."

Matador Network shared some of their editors' top places to visit - keep reading to see where you need to get trashed with the locals.