3 Reasons Google Express Is Better Than Amazon Prime


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Daniel Lander takes an order from a toy and sporting goods story to a Google vehicle for delivery in Palo Alto, California March 17, 2014.

Google is expanding its delivery service to Boston, Washington DC, and Chicago.


The service, which is already in some California cities and New York, costs $10 per month, or $95 a year, according to The Wall Street Journal. The fee gets you unlimited same-day or overnight delivery on orders over $15.

Google Express has partners including Costco, Walgreen, PetSmart, and Vitamin Shoppe, making it a big competitor to Amazon Prime.

A membership with Google has several advantages over Amazon Prime.

Here are a few ways its better.


1. Faster delivery.

Amazon Prime offers 2-day delivery, while Google Express guarantees your purchases on the same day or overnight. While Amazon Prime offers same or next-day delivery in select cities, there's a $5.99 charge per delivery. Google's is included in the membership.

Non-members pay $4.99 per delivery - about half what Amazon currently charges for the same service.

google express

Google Express

The service launched in San Francisco this year.

2. Bulk shopping is easier.

Thanks to a partnership with Google, Costco members can get their bulk shopping done without trekking to the warehouse. This is especially key for people who live in big cities and don't own cars.

Amazon Prime offers bulk items, but Costco's Google site is more organized with a better selection. The items are also delivered together, while Amazon might use different suppliers and ship items separately.


costco google express

Google Express

Costco's Google Express page is well-organized and easy to use.

3. Specialty items from local partners.

Google Express in New York City has partnerships with local retailers Fairway Market and Paragon Sports. Offering delivery from beloved businesses in the area could help Google land loyal customers.

This detail could also make Google Express feel more approachable than Amazon's vast marketplace.

fairway market redhook


Fairway Market.

There are still advantages to Amazon Prime, which offers a nearly limitless selection. Amazon also focuses on giving Prime members access to streaming music, tv shows, and other content.


But from a shopping standpoint, Google's new service is a formidable competitor.

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