3 reasons why Narendra Modi should pay attention to what this company has to say to make Digital India a raging success!

Don’t get lost in the depth of jargons. Let’s start with a simple example. India’s smartphone market grew 44 % to 26.5 million this June quarter, according to research firm IDC data. With the making of ‘Digital India’, it is time to stop and think about the whereabouts of the old used phones. Surely, they are not biodegradable and are all well intact among us. Now apply this thought to all the variety of electronic devices available and are being innovated. What if the process could be reversed without slowing down digital growth!

This is what reverse logistics is, a $300 billion global industry which few in India know about. In US used car market is three times new car market. It is high time Narendra Modi pays attention to this if he wants Digital India to be a success.

Sapan Jain, CEO and co-founder of Blubirch, IT Reverse Logistics Company, in chat with Business Insider India.

1. One of the main challenges of the Digital India campaign is affordability of good quality technology.

“You cannot make the cheapest of the machines with the best quality beyond a point. So if one can refurbish the used machines which might have reached its economical life for an enterprise but is of immense value to others, it can be made affordable to a large population of the country.”

Eighty percent of the energy goes in the manufacturing, not in the usage of that device. So by extending the life cycle of the machine, you are making the environment greener and sustainable as you are making the recovery factor of the device stronger than before.

2. Next important challenge would be the e-waste problem. If one is extending the life cycle by refurbishing them; one is not slowing down e-waste generation by slowing down adoption, rather by strengthening the life of devices. This drives not only Digital India campaign, but can form a major part of Make in India campaign too.

3. There are certain drawbacks of reverse logistics in India too. Why would a customer trust a used device and invest in it? This is where firms like Blubirch come into play. It provides certain warranty along with the devices, making the whole process a transparent one to the customer. Most often the enterprises sit on assets which might be of no use to them, but if repaired and with legal policing done, it becomes “best technology available at the cheapest price possible”.

(Image credits: forbes)