Revealed: 3 surprising secrets to help you speak with confidence

We all have had those nightmares where we are standing on a stage, in front of a large audience, and going blank. Our mouths just won’t open to utter even a single word. Well, this is because we lack confidence.

We spend a lot of time thinking about the outside world, what other people think about us, the way we walk, behave in public and talk.

But in order to be confidence and become a great and engaging speaker, we have to recognise the confidence that exists within us.

Many people refrain from speaking during meetings, giving presentations because they fear going wrong every time. And in this entire mental duel, we end up speaking too fast, lose our breath and tone of the conversation and also the interest of the listener.

Caroline Goyder, leading voice coach and keynote speaker, during her TEDx Talks conferences said dealing with large audience when they are waiting for us to speak define us as speakers. Some people are not up to it and some feel more confident.

And surprisingly, there are only three secrets to speak with confidence. Of course, you should be well-versed with your subject. But beyond that too, these 3 keys will take your speech on a different level

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Don’t neglect the power of practice

Don’t neglect the power of practice
Often, people complain that they don’t have a good voice and get conscious while speaking publicly or giving presentations during meetings. Well, there is nothing called a bad voice or a good voice. All you need to do in practice and work on your voice. Have expression in your voice and belief in yourself. Our voice is like an instrument. One of the simplest ways to practice is to sing. Everyday singing, be it in shower, can do wonders to your voice and you can become more confident about it.

Have a relaxed breathing pattern

Have a relaxed breathing pattern
Breathe from your diaphragm. Feel your ribs as you breathe in and out. Your diaphragm is the key to your confidence. Breathe deeply and be still.

Our breath

Our breath
Breathe your thoughts. The most relaxing person anywhere, be it a meeting room, is one with relaxed breathing. Breathe deeply and know when to shut your mouth. When you breathe in think about your feelings and when you breathe out, speak about them. You will feel relaxed, know what to speak and in what tone to speak and you will also have the right pauses in your speech.
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