30 Mouthwatering Instagram Pictures Of Street Food Around The World


Girl Eat World


Melissa Hie does what probably most of us dream of doing: stuffing our faces while traveling in the world.


She just documents it in a really cool way.

The Singapore-based 29-year-old posts selfie-like photos of food or drinks with cities in the background on Instagram.

She started snapping these shots the summer of 2013 when she took a solo trip across Europe.

"If I wasn't traveling by myself, my pictures would have been just generic travel pictures," Hie said. "But since I was alone and I don't like asking people to take my picture, I just started taking them myself."


Some of her photos include a chocolate cookie in front of Big Ben, a Nutella-covered waffle in front of Brussels' Grand Palace, and even a Butterbeer in front of 4 Privet Drive.

Although her travels are mainly in Europe and Asia, she says on her profile that she will "eat absolutely anywhere."

Here are her photos and original captions from her Instagram account, girleatworld.