4 Years Ago, A Stanford Student Named Evan Spiegel Left A Comment On TechCrunch And Got Slammed...


No one should be underestimated, as evidenced by a comment thread on TechCrunch from four years ago.

Then, a founder who raised $10 million in one year wrote a guest post. One of the first comments on the article was written by a user named "evanspiegel." Evan Spiegel is the co-founder of Snapchat, a multi-billion-dollar messaging app. Then, Spiegel was still in school and he was working on a venture that turned into Snapchat, Future Freshman. Future Freshman was a failed attempt to help students with college applications.

"I'm a Stanford student and I started www.futurefreshman.com with a classmate for ~$2500 of my own money," Spiegel wrote.


It took three years for someone to respond to Spiegel's comment. The person still didn't know who Evan Spiegel was:

"Still under construction... wonder if you ever launched after 3 years," the person said.

The rest of the thread quickly defended Spiegel's work. Here's the thread.


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