4 productivity apps every professional needs to get work done faster


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Sometimes your mobile device can be helpful at work instead of a distraction.


Distraction is ubiquitous - practically unavoidable. And mobile and web-based apps usually just add to the distraction while you're trying to work.

However, some apps can do more good than harm to your productivity while in the office (or elsewhere).

The following apps, found on ProductHunt, can actually boost your productivity process, rather than just cause more technological distractions:

Visually track your progress with Forestapp.


Some people need a visual reminder to keep working - an end goal, almost (besides the actual end goal of turning in your work on-time).

This app tracks your productivity process like a tree. The tree starts out as a seed in the ground, and keeps growing for 30 minutes while you continue to work. (And if you exit out, the tree dies.)

Trust: the more trees in your "forest," the more triumphant you'll feel.

Discover your personal productivity habits with Pomotodo.

Everyone has a routine or method that works best for them in terms of productivity.


However, most people probably haven't even noticed their own most effective productivity habits. When the only thing on your mind is the deadline, it's hard to focus on the idiosyncrasies that have affected your focus and work speed.

But Pomotodo recognizes which times of day you're the most productive and allows you to review your progress over time.

And as for the unusual name, the app combines the classic Pomodoro technique (it provides a timer which schedules 25-minute work intervals with 5-minute breaks in-between) with a to-do list that allows you to manage your tasks for the day.

Force yourself to log out of Facebook with Cold Turkey.

This app is a must-have for any social-media-sites-in-multiple-tabs offenders. If you just can't seem to close out of Instagram (or you keep re-opening it), then Cold Turkey will solve your straying mouse problem for you.


As the name suggests, the app blocks you from distracting websites during specific times of day. So the next time you absent-mindedly start typing in "Facebook," the app will block the site for you (and serve as a gentle reminder to wait to update your profile picture until after 5 p.m.).

Respond to emails as quickly as text messages with MailTime.

The majority of professionals communicate via mobile, and sending an email en route to the office on your iPhone is part of a daily routine for many.

But sending an email via iPhone can sometimes be a bit time-consuming, and even finicky, as opposed to the online platform.

MailTime is a new app that allows you to communicate via email like you would texting. The app is formatted to send and view emails chains in a clear, super-accessible format, like iMessage.


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