4 reasons why you should consider walking backwards for losing weight and gaining strength

It is important to take up a physical activity or to exercise to stay fit and lose weight. You can also make exercising fun by doing HIITs, zumba, pilates, etc so that staying fit doesn’t become a bore or a task.

One of the new routines you can include in your fitness regime is walking backwards. Yes, this is something we did as children for fun but if you include this into your exercise routine, it can show some amazing results.

Physiotherapists at Obino, which is a mobile health and weight loss coach, say one should keep few things in mind before walking backwards. They suggest walking on a flat to avoid falling and keep looking over your shoulders to keep a check of anything in your way.


Walking backwards, as per the physiotherapists, improves heart activity and helps in losing weight

Here are 4 reasons why you should take up back walking