4 style lessons every guy can learn from Leonardo DiCaprio's disastrous Mexico City appearance

Oh, Leo. So much hope. So much wasted potential.

Instead of becoming the sartorial hot shot we all hoped he would be, Leonardo DiCaprio has shown time and time again that he just does not care about what he wears. Case in point: a recent photo call for his new film, "The Revenant," in Mexico City.

In true Leo style, he showed up with an ill-fitting, mismatched suit so photographers could take pictures of him and send them around the world.Advertisement

Here it is, in all its glory.


AP/Rebecca Blackwell

Let's break down what went wrong here.

His shirt is not tucked in: Ok, Leo, come on now. This is an easy one. Tucking your shirt in is not optional when it comes to getting dressed up. Leo would have looked so much more put together if only his shirt tails weren't hanging in the wind like those of a preteen at a middle-school dance.

His jacket and pants don't match: The separates are clearly not of the same suit, and they're also too similar to be seen as distinct. It just looks mismatched and accidental, like he grabbed the wrong pants to go with the jacket he wanted to wear. Not only that, but this isn't the kind of suit jacket you should be wearing as a blazer.The jacket and pants aren't tailored: The jacket sleeves are too long, the pants are baggy, and the pant's hem is too long. Take it to the tailor, Leo.Advertisement

Those shoes aren't working: We have nothing against wearing sneakers with suits - it can be a great adventurous look. Unfortunately, these clash horribly.

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