40% Of LinkedIn Users Earn More Than $100,000 A Year


linkedin ceo jeff weinerWhen Reid Hoffman cofounded LinkedIn in December 2002, he was breaking a taboo. The social network asked people to share their résumés with the public.

Now, LinkedIn might be the most elite of the social networks.

The demographics are a marketer's dream.
LinkedIn users tend toward white collar and highly educated. They live all over the world, and many of them are increasingly engaged with the site, thanks to LinkedIn Influencers, LinkedIn Pulse, and other content strategies.

But the biggest factor is money - as in, LinkedIn users have lots of it.

In a data-rich profile of LinkedIn editorial head Dan Roth, Digiday's John McDermott reveals how much.

The social network has a "disproportionately wealthy user base," McDermott writes, citing the analytics company comScore.

"More than 40% of LinkedIn visitors earn more than $100,000 per year," he continues, "higher than 31% average for the entire web." By positioning itself as the place for white-collar workers to network, LinkedIn has commanded the eyeballs of lots of wealthy people, with nearly 80 million unique visitors a month. Its content strategy is now helping to turn those users into loyal readers, making the social network that much more attractive to advertisers.

And that brings in the bucks: Third quarter ad revenue increased by 45% over last year.