5 Signs that your startup will fail

In an age when India is penning great startups success stories, there are also many who bite the dust. And while we have listed down tips to become a great startup, we bring you a few warning signs that your baby is on a downhill.

Not the right mix of founders


As the caption suggests, if you are starting your own company, it is extremely important to have the right kind of people in the core team. Even one disinterested core team member is capable of denting the company’s growth single handedly. Or if two people in the tem are not getting along, your startup may be approaching some really tough times then.

Clueless about the market

If you are inspired by the likes of Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal, Kunal Bahl, Ritesh Agarwal and many other startupreneurs but have no or very little idea about the market you would be operating, then it is a sure-shot way of failing. And when we say market, we mean the target audience, the competitors among others. If you don’t understand the dynamics of the market, there’s no point launching a company in the segment.


A me-too offering

This is definitely fatal for your startup. If you are coming up with a product that’s already there in the market and have absolutely no or little innovation in it, you will fail. Consumers are always looking for new products or innovations in the existing ones. Hence, a product that is already available will be a waste of your resources.

Not employee friendly


Remember Tiny Owl. The food ordering startup handed a pink slip to many of its employees and what happened next was unimaginable. The employees, who were laid-off, held the co-founder of the company hostage for good two days. Do we need to say more about why you should be employee friendly?

Taking shortcuts

Lastly, remember there is no short cut to success. So, if you are adopting illicit ways of growing business or tweaking your way around the laws of the land, you may grow for a while but ultimately, you will end up paying a huge price.