5 Documentaries every entrepreneur must watch

5 Documentaries every entrepreneur must watchAs an entrepreneur, you're always in constant search of new ways to grow your business. But who wants to labour through another lengthy how-to book on the entrepreneurial process?

There's another way. If you want some entertainment with your education, the documentary film may be your medium. Here are the 5 documentaries we recommend entrepreneurs


Watch two old Harvard classmates and observe the rise and fall of their dot com startup during the course of one year, just as the Internet bubble was bursting.

The Startup Kids


This documentary throws light on several young startup founders (Vimeo, Dropbox, Foodspotting, Soundcloud, Kiip and many more) revealing what drives them to do what they do.


If you understand the factors that motivate people to action, you just might be able to motivate them to become your biggest customer, after watching this.

Something Ventured

A great idea is often not enough without the backing of investors who also believe in your idea too, most specifically venture capitalists. This documentary looks at tech giants like Apple, Intel and Atari, and how they may not be where they are today if it wasn’t for the investors who believed in their potential.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

This documentary follows Job’s inspirational career and legacy as one of the legendary CEOs and thought-leaders of our age.