5 must-have apps for your Android Smartwatch

5 must-have apps for your Android SmartwatchWith more than 4,000 Android Wear apps accessible, there's no reason for settling for the default usefulness that comes incorporated with your Android Wear smartwatch. You have to take advantage of the best apps for your smartwatch and truly make the the most of your intelligent wearable.

To help you evade the Android Wear junk, we've picked 5 of our top choices for you to download

Pocket Casts

Tragically podcast support on Android Wear isn't that great and Pocket Casts is about at least somewhat good at this point. This podcasting app for Android (and iOS and the web) gives you a chance to control playback from your smartwatch, change the volume, browse for new podcasts on your wrist and mark the episodes you cherish most.

Google Keep


Smartwatches do make it hard to keep good notes. Keep it as an app that makes it simple to take notes, make lists, and set up reminders for your day by day life—even on your smartwatch's small screen.

Find My Phone

There's a touch of irony to the title of this app, yet it works for wearable devices. With Find My Phone, you can make it simpler to track down your smartwatch's location if it's ever lost or stolen. It should be one of your first apps to download, in case something happens to your device.


How about we be genuine, app developers are not mind readers who know precisely what functions you require, so why not create your own particular with IF by IFTTT? Short for the programming lingo "If This Then That," this meta-app gives you a chance to create "recipes" that connects two unrelated apps with a specific end goal to create an action.


Start getting ready for your hot date by swiping right or left through Tinder — on your wrist. With the dating app conveying its components to Android Wear, you'll have the capacity to look at potential dates in your neighbourhood, see notifications on new matches, and additionally react to their messages, on your watch.

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