5 Social Media tools that can make your company or you a sensation within a month

One of the primary points of social media marketing is to remain relevant to your audience. This may be harder for small businesses as they have more to juggle, as far as dealing with errands is concerned. Social media tools and apps can help diminish the stress of multi-tasking and keep your social media activities steady. The following are a couple of social media tools for small business to help make your life as a social media marketer easier.


Bit.ly is a link management platform that helps you shorten the links of your portal, provide you full page analytics and source of clicks. The analytics it provides are insightful and can help you identify your potential customers.



Sharing on all your social media channels can be a pain, especially if you have to schedule it individually. Buffer helps you solve that problem. Installing Buffer allows you to schedule all your posts or the article you recently liked to be shared on all your networks. It works on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and LinkedIn.



This tool takes your content to the next level by acquiring a large audience through promoted content and native ads. And this software also helps to increase social shares, pageviews, repeat visitors etc.

Just Retweet

Just Retweet is the shared economy of social media. You just need to connect your accounts with it (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus) and then you can select a category like ‘Entrepreneurship’ and start retweeting other people. The tweets get scheduled on your profile and you get the points they offer to retweet. In turn you can now post a tweet and other people will retweet it according to their interests and the credit you offer them.



Social media automation can save small businesses a ton of time — it eliminates mundane tasks, so you can focus on more important ones. IFTTT stands for If This Then That — it’s a tool that takes social media automation to a whole new level.