6 easy yet successful ways of retaining talent

6 easy yet successful ways of retaining talentEmployers put in lot of time, effort and investment to hire best employees possible, and you need to retain that talent too. For any organization, employees are the biggest assets and these assets needs to be nourished well from time to time so as to get maximum output.

So, here are six ways in which you can nurture and retain talent:

Culture Everyone wants a positive work environment. If you treat your employees with respect, they will also treat each other with respect, and have pride in what they do. Respect can make up for many other shortcomings. People are on top priority and this should come from the top management.

Empowerment Empower your employees in their respective work areas. Let them take their own decisions and be responsible for their own actions. Don’t monitor to the detail. Manage and guide them as employees are more productive when they are guided properly.

Rewards & Recognition Appreciate and encourage your talents immediately when someone does something good. Don’t wait for RnR program to take place. A pat on their backs, a word of appreciation and applauding someone’s achievement motivates them. Monetary incentives are not the only tool to motivate an employee. An employee needs acknowledgement and words of appreciation more than his slight increase in bank balance.

Employee development Employees want to feel that they are progressing in their chosen career, and bettering themselves by gaining new skills and experiences. Both in soft and hard skills, an employee wants see himself/herself transforming and becoming a better individual over the period of time. They want to overcome their shortcomings and if they are provided with the right platform to achieve that, they feel motivated. Periodic trainings on soft skills or on their technical skills help them in performing their assignments confidently, which ultimately benefits the organization at the end.


Increasing salary Lots of surveys have been conducted in the past, and salary tops the list. This means, it is sometimes necessary to increase annual salary in order to prevent attrition. Salary should be at par with the industry norms and should be competitive.

Flexible work Off-lately, organizations have understood that traditional work style is no more effective. Flexible working appeals employees, whether it is split-shifts, customized hours or telecommuting. This helps employee in maintaining work-life balance.

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( About the author: The author of this article is Arpit Prakash Mathur, Founder and CEO, Talific Consulting Services Private Ltd)