6 things hiring managers care about more than anything else


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58% of executives list work experience as a top factor when recruiting candidates.

If you think your immaculate GPA or college connection will secure you the job, think again. While alma mater used to play a big role in the hiring process, companies are no longer placing the same amount of emphasis on pedigree or grades.


The most important qualification when recruiting candidates for executive or office positions is work experience, according to a recent report released by Universum, a global research and advisory firm.

The 2020 Outlook survey is based on over 2,000 interviews across 18 countries of CEOs, hiring managers, employer branding managers, and marketing managers.

"We are moving more towards a meritocracy society where you are measured on your accomplishments rather than your grades and school of choice," explained Petter Nylander, Universum's CEO. "Recruiting individuals based on specific skills is less important than recruiting someone with great potential."

Coming in a close second place was personality profile. Organizations are starting to prioritize more ambiguous success factors such as personality and fit over the traditional measures of competence.


Here are the full results:



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