7 Career Lessons You Can Learn from James Bond

53 years since James Bond was introduced to the world with the 1962 film Dr. No, we’ve all come to know him as the most chiseled, most car- chase-loving (or boat- or rickshaw- or tank-loving) and the most freakishly ageless spy the world has ever known!

But turns out, he’s more than just a glitzy superstar on screen sipping a shaken vodka martini — there’s actually much to learn from this international man of mystery.

In honour of his cinematic fame, we thought we’d look back and see what career lessons we can learn from him. His undeniable resilience is just one of the things to admire about him, here are the some other lessons to take from him:
1. Always dress like a gentleman

How we dress is always a major part of the first impression people make when they meet us, and even a genius wouldn’t get past a first interview in ill-fitting clothes and too much unkempt facial hair.

2. A Failed Plan doesn’t necessarily mean Failure. It's the Way to Success!

Failure leads to Success. Heard of it? Cliche as it may sound, it's true. And James Bond lives by that. So use the applied formula for a great career.

3. Remain Calm in all Situations

This is one skill we can all learn from Bond and benefit in all areas in life! Remember, When in a business setting or during an argument, the first person who lets their emotions overtake them automatically loses. You will notice how he keeps his composure during conflicts or tense discussions. Ace it, my friend!

4. Be a techno-geek. It helps. ALWAYS!

Being a technology freak always helps in times of need. So, say your boss has already given you two delay warnings and is waiting for that crucial presentation you are working on. But well you are travelling and your laptop crashed! Now, what? What do you do???
You pick your phone, Google topic.ppt, find a relevant one and download it. Now you open it in the Microsoft Office App, tweak it's content in and layout mobo powerpoint so that it looks like you made it all. Save and tap the Send button!

15 minutes and you are sorted! ;)

5. Learn to Take Risk in life

Life is no fun if there's no risk in it. If you are avid watcher of Bond's movies, you know what risks mean, don't you? So, kick out that corporate 9-7 job and plunge yourself into a startup if you believe in it. The risk will be worth it in the end..

6. Never Give up no matter what

The world may come down on you, but you do not give up. In your career, there will be several times you find yourself at crossroads, you will find a decision going wrong a 100 times and as a result, dissatisfaction a 1000 times. But like they say - NOPE, YOU CANNOT GIVE UP. Be that turtle in the TURTLE-RABBIT story our parents read out to us in childhood days .

7. Be particular about things like Bond – Vodka martini Shaken, Not stirred. NEVER

So, do every job you are expected to do IN THE PERFECT WAY. If you are a BOND lover, there's nothing called imperfect in your dictionary, mind you. Don't let him down.

8. Protect what you love

There's not just a Career lesson here, but a life Lesson. While Bond can be ice cold, as part of his job – he also often shows us that it’s okay to lend that strength to others and share in their pain during time of need. This includes friends, colleagues, family, and a partner in a relationship. If the person around you doesn’t feel as though they can talk to you about their problems or concerns, your overall communication will fail and take that relation with it.
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