7-Eleven is giving away Slurpees next week - here's how you can get up to 12 free of charge



7-Eleven is going on a Slurpee giveaway spree.

On Monday July, 11 (or 7/11), 7-Eleven is offering free small Slurpees across the United States, the company has announced.

7-Eleven customers can pick up their one free drink at any participating location nationwide from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., while supplies last. Advertisement

"7-Eleven Day," celebrated on July 11, has become an annual opportunity for 7-Eleven to give away free food and drinks.

This year, Slurpee super-fans can attempt to get an extra 11 free Slurpees, if they buy seven Slurpees between June 12 and June 18 and scan the 7-Eleven mobile app. The 11 free Slurpee coupons will be uploaded to the Scan and Save section of the app, and must be redeemed by August 31.

Slurpee 2



As an added treat to celebrate the Slurpee's 50th birthday, the chain is offering a new Birthday Cake-flavored Slurpee. 7-Eleven will also be serving the new Sour Patch Redberry Slurpee.

In other Slurpee-related festivities, 7-Eleven will be selling limited-edition Slurpee snacks and products, including a Birthday Cake Slurpee doughnut, Slurpee-flavored cotton candy and marshmallow pops, and Slurpee-flavored ChapStick. 7-Eleven launched the Slurpee in 1966, when an employee partially froze some sodas to the point of slush, according to company lore. Since then, 7-Eleven reports that more than 7.2 billion Slurpees have been sold around the world. Advertisement

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