7 New York City sandwiches that are famous on Instagram


BLTAInstagram.com/nycdiningThe perfect sandwich is all about balance.

Not all sandwiches are created equal.


You have your basic deli sandwiches, and then you have your distinguished masterpieces that leave you crying when you get to the last bite.

The latter don't make appearances at afternoon tea or school cafeterias. They are made using only the finest ingredients and are famous on Instagram. 

Allow us to introduce you to seven such wonders... 

The Nettle Neck



Where you get itUntamed Sandwiches (43 W. 39th St.)

What you pay: $16

What you get: Succulent braised lamb neck and Gruyere cheese topped with walnut nettle pesto, pickled spring onions, and charred onion tops, served on a 7-inch Ciabatta roll.

The Nova Scotia Lobster Roll


Where you get itThe Lambs Club (132 W. 44th St.)


What you pay: $44

What you get: 1.25 pounds of butter-poached lobster drizzled with mustard aioli on a split-top brioche bun.

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Where you get itCenter Bar (The Shops at Columbus Circle, 10 Columbus Circle)

What you pay: $19


What's in it: Melted Fontina Val d'Aosta cheese with fig relish and black truffle butter on country bread. 

The Pancetta, Egg, and Avocado Sandwich


Where you get itEstela (47 E. Houston St.)

What you pay: $14

What's in it: Exactly what you'd think: pancetta, egg, and creamy avocado served on a poppy seed croissant with almond paste.


The Rocket Pig Sandwich


Where you get itRocket Pig (463 W. 24th St.)

What you pay: $14

What's in it: Smoked, spice-rubbed pork with red onion jam and mustard sauce on a ciabatta roll.

The Crispy Market Fish "BLTA" Sandwich



Where you get itChalk Point Kitchen (527 Broome St.)

What you pay: $17

What's in it: Crispy market fish, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and organic buttermilk-dill sauce on a crispy ciabatta roll.

The Breakfast Sandwich


Where you get itBar Sardine (183 W. 10th St.)


What you pay: $12

What's in it: Baked egg, smoked chicken meatballs, Gruyere cheese, and jalapeños layered on a brioche bun.