8 Million People Play Zynga's FarmVille 2 Every Day, Mark Pincus Says


There's no doubt about it, Zynga needs another hit to help it through these gloomy, stock-crushing days.


Looks liike its signature Facebook game, Farmville, could be the one, CEO Mark Pincus said in an interview with Reuters' Gerry Shih.

Farmville 2, launched about six months ago, is attracting about 8 million players a day, Pincus said. It's currently one of the top-rated games on Facebook with over 10 million registered users.

But Zynga has a big problem. It still hasn't figured out how to bring the game to mobile devices in a way that won't cause gamers to lose their data.

"The ideal is to make that one seamless experience between Web and mobile so you can take your farming experience from work to home," Pincus said. "We're having to retool and reinvent around our process and technology."


It's important that Zynga figures it out because mobile is clearly the future for gaming and everything else.

In the past nine months, Zynga has shut down 20 titles. It also trimmed 5 percent of its workforce and closed offices in Baltimore, Boston and Tokyo.

The stock is trading at just over $3.

To be fair, Zynga isn't the only game maker having trouble these days. Electronic Arts recently announced that it will be shutting down SimCity Social and several other Facebook games.