9 Fall-Ready Cocktails To Warm You Up This Season

You don't need a heavy wool coat to warm you up as the weather gets colder - just a well-crafted cocktail.

Our friends at Food52 have provided us with the perfect way to shake those autumn chills with the best fall-inspired drink recipes.

From a twist on the classic Hot Toddy to a cider shandy, these cocktails will warm both your hands and your palate.

Dirty Chai Toddy

Dirty Chai ToddyresizedFor a strong drink with "conviction," this dirty chai toddy is sure to satisfy.

Featuring the classic hot toddy combination of espresso and bourbon accented with the spiciness of a good chai, this adventurous drink will take away the cares of the world without putting you to sleep. Served hot.

Follow this recipe to make a Dirty Chai Toddy >>

Apple Rye Punch

appleryepunchresizedFor a taste of fall in a glass, this cold punch is sure to deliver. Containing both regular and hard ciders, the apple flavor is pretty powerful in this drink, so there's no need for top shelf whiskey.

Add your favorite bitters to give the flavor a bit more complexity.

Follow this recipe to make Apple Rye Punch >>

Brown Butter Spiced Ale

brownbutterspicedaleresizedThis unique take on the hot toddy includes 12 ounces of your favorite ale, a splash of brandy, browned butter, and a whole lot of spice.

Garnished with a stick of cinnamon, the Brown Butter Spice Ale will keep you warm as the days grow colder.

Follow this recipe to make Brown Butter Spiced Ale >>

Bumble Brown Punch

bumblebrownpunchresized Another cocktail full of warmth, spice, and ale (are you seeing the pattern?). This time, honey amber lager is called for, as well as rum.

It's served warm with apple slices for garnish and crunch.

Follow this recipe to make Bumble Brown Punch >>

Maple Pisco Sour

maplepiscosourresizedThis autumn-themed drink is a take on the classic Pisco sour that features real maple syrup. What better way to mix South America with New England?

Follow this recipe to make a Maple Pisco Sour >>


boulevardierresizedA Boulevardier is a before-dinner cocktail, similar to a Negroni. Instead of gin, however, it has a larger proportion (2:1) of bourbon.

Follow this recipe to make a Boulevardier >>

Cider Shandy

Summer may be over, but shandy isn't done yet. Switch out the beer for a hard cider and you've got a tasty drink that mixes two season's signature fruits.

It'll stay with you long after all the leaves have fallen from the trees.

Follow this recipe to make Cider Shandy >>

Apple Blow Fizz

Apple brandy gives the apple blow fizz its strong flavor. Top it with cinnamon for an even more fall-like flavor reminiscent of everyone's favorite holiday treat, apple pie.

Follow this recipe to make an Apple Blow Fizz >>

Franklin Stove

If hot mulled cider can warm your bones, what happens when you add a bit of apple brandy? Good things, that's for sure.

Add SNAP, a gingerbread-inspired spirit, and you've got a fall cocktail worthy of its legendary pedigree.

Follow this recipe to make a Franklin Stove >>
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