9 Ways Windows Phones Still Absolutely Crush The iPhone


nokia lumia 928 windows phone 8 home screen

Steve Kovach/Business Insider

Despite its flaws, there's still a lot to like about Windows Phone 8.


It's a unique take on a mobile operating system.

Unlike Android, which is in many ways a copycat of the iPhone, Windows Phone stands out as a fresh take on mobile.

And in some ways, it's actually better than iPhone, the top-selling smartphone at the moment. We've been playing around with Windows Phone 8 a lot since the launch of the Nokia Lumia 928 and put together a few features that make it better than the iPhone.

NOTE: Before you go nuts in the comments, let's be clear. We're not saying Windows Phone is better overall. We're not saying iPhone is better overall. These are just individual things we think Windows Phone does better than the iPhone. That's it.